Top Comments Of Millennial Mentors

What Millennials Need In Mentors

  1. Trust
    2. Respect
    3. Honesty
    4. Patience
    5. How to read body language
    6. How to be patient with Baby Boomers unable to work with technology
    7. How to make good use of skilled workers without technical skills
    8. Open sharing of information
    9. History of organization; why? Why? But why?
    10. Encouraged to explore/make mistakes on my own
    11. Someone to debate with
    12. Self reflection: wisdom, self realization in honesty and mistakes
    13. Discretion: keep all things to yourself as I tell you
    14. Confide in
    15. Sounding board
    16. Curiosity: ask me questions; pick my brain
    17. Be a model for me in the field
    18. Worked themselves up in the company
    19. Believe in me
    20. Commit to being a mentor; have time and be available
    21. Baby Boomers like to talk and make people open up
    22. Be precise: don’t like long conversations
    23. Prefer 1 on 1: don’t draw attention to a crowd
    24. Give me space to be me…sometimes I like to work alone
    25. Try to learn from me: I take pride in teaching others
    26. Above all, know me as a person. I have a very interesting life story.
    27. Someone that really cares that I reach my goals
    28. Can see both sides of an issue: not just their own
    29. Has common sense
    30. Do not assume I am who I am because of what others believe to be true
    31. Knows of worldly issues
    32. Teach us about everyday issues; like balancing a check book
    33. Push new behaviors on me then get feedback to get me out of my box
    34. Guidance: discuss concerns BUT NOT GIVE ANSWERS; help me to get the answer
    35. Real tips and honesty
    36. Speak in specifics not generalities
    37. Listen to the issues of my generation; student loan debt etc.
    38. Reassurance
    39. Act as a reference
    40. Treat me like an adult

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