The Perfect Business Storm

Notice how fast conducting business is changing? It is not like it was just 5 years ago!

Change is being driven quickly by new technologies and apps; Baby Boomers that controlled running businesses are retiring; generations Y and Z now represent the majority of the workforce.

Technology is the main reason for The Perfect Business Storm. It controls all aspects of any business. And if you don’t adapt quickly to new apps, The Storm will demolish the company. How fast is this happening? in 2011 it took 2 to 5 years to create an app that would have a shelf life of 5 to 10 years. Today, apps are created so quickly that a life span in now 2 1/2 years!! Then it will either be embellished or replaced.

The speed of technology change is fueling The Storm. Baby Boomers and older Xers are having difficulty keeping up. They were not brought up with a cell phone or tablet in their hands. On the other hand, Gens Y and Z were. They embrace new apps and actually know more about their functions than the manufacturers. More importantly, this portion of the work force CAN keep up with the speed of technology change.

We are in the middle of The Perfect Business Storm. In 2018 over 53% of the work force will be Gens Y and Z (TechGen). In 2021 that number grows to 76%!!!

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