3.5 Billion Wasted

$3.5 Billion Wasted


Gaining the Business Skills to Handle YZ-Generations Employees in 2017 Successfully.

by: Andy Gateriewictz on 24th May, 2017

During 2015 21% of Generation Y (TechGen) employees decided to leave their jobs. This movement cost American corporations $3.5 billion!  **


That didn’t need to have to taken place if the right tools with these YZ Generation employees


There has been article after article complaining about the youngest generation in the workforce; which, by the way, now represent the 43% of the workforce.  In 3 short years that number will rise to 70% when Generation Z are included.  “where are their interpersonal skills”?


Face the facts. Technology has rapidly changed the all aspects of conducting all types of business. What group of people quickly grasp new technological applications? They are known as the “TechGen”. If you don’t have them on your team today, your 5 year plan will not be met.


Visit www.yzgenerations.com, a company formed by the merging of top business and personal consultants with over 200 years’ experience. We are ready to support you with the business skills in this area to make your life easier as a business manager and to make you company more profitable as a result..


The goal is to develop and retain TechGen employees for progressive companies to succeed in the future. It has been proven TechGen that combine needed interpersonal skills with their tech savvy is the ideal future employee. What is needed are mentors for this age group, and for the skills & tools we have to support you and your management team to succeed


75% of TechGen desire a mentor. Mentored TechGen get promoted 6 times more and 20% more remain with their companies. That’s what YZ Generations is all about.


We don’t degrade our future leaders . . .we invest in them with you.


For more information go to www.yzgenerations.com/about-us/ 


(**Source:  A. Gateriewictz )


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