What Do Companies Think About Us?

Companies’ claim you act entitled and lack interpersonal skills.
We are here to eliminate that claim!!

“Help Us To Help You”

You have been greeted to the business world with:
1) $100,000 of student loans
2) Unable to find a position in your area of expertise
3) 20% cannot find a job
4) Entrepreneur TechGen (1982- ) will form a small business

You have also been labeled by older generations as:
§ Absence of interpersonal, face-to-face communication
§ Acting entitled
§ Impatient
§ Unable to accept constructive criticism
§ Lacking deep thinking capabilities

Everybody seems to be complaining BUT who is offering a solution?
We know 75% of TechGen desire a mentor to offer guidance and knowledge succeed in the business world. In fact, The Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania, the world’s best business graduate school, has noted mentored TechGen get promoted 6 times more than non-mentored employees.
YZGenerations holds the keys to YOUR mentor and success.

Employed by a corporation? Select a mentor with experience in your position and industry.

Starting a business? Choose a successful small business owner.
Get the resource to combine your excellent tech skills with needed interaction abilities.

Take Action

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