What Are The Benefits To YOUR Company?

“The workforce of the past was organized around company. The workforce of the future is organized around the worker. If we can’t find the right people, it’s going to hurt our bottom line.”
Chauncy Lennon
JP Morgan

 “We Develop Interpersonal Skills”

  1. Many TechGenners like to network outside of their organizations; companies can and should help facilitate external mentoring opportunities.
  2. They want better, faster and more effective mentor programs — or they’re ditching HR and doing it on their own.
  3. Mentorship programs can help companies match TechGenners with experienced mentors in the roles they want to fill.
  4. From the Huffington Post:
  • 75% millennials want a mentor
  • Mentors are crucial for success
  1. The Wharton Schools’ strong business case for mentoring:
  • Mentored millennial employees get promoted 6X more than non-mentored.
  • Retention rate is 20% higher
  • Cost to hire $15-$20,000 per person

We understand the need to develop the complete, promotable employee among the younger generation. Some of the areas companies have identified as lacking are:

  • Deep thinking capabilities
  • Reading others expressions and body language
  • Speaking in a non-polished manner
  • Curt tone of texts/tweets with supervisors
  • Reaction to rejection or critical feedback
  • Understandable interaction among generations

Our Mission is to bridge the gap between generations with communication and understanding so that we can work seamlessly together.

“Traditional corporate mentorships just don’t cut it for today’s millennial workers. Younger employees seek meaningful and time-efficient relationships.”
Lauren Brousell

Why Use YZ Generations?
Corporate managers just don’t have the time to mentor. They are already working
55-65 hours a week. Our mentors, with business management experience, are available immediately 24/7 to assist the technological generation at the moment the situation occurs.

“When asked in The Hartford study how an employer could demonstrate it was invested in helping them advance at the company, more millennial respondents chose training and development, feedback and coaching over cash incentives.”

Benefit For Client And Company:

  • Develop interpersonal skills to complement the YZ Generations technology processing prowess.
  • Create a stable team with complementary talents to execute the 5-year plan.

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