About Us

About Us

An international group made successful by their abilities to create dynamic teams to address the current business climate.

We are in the midst of a “Perfect Storm” affecting global business markets

  • The demographics of the workforce is changing rapidly
  • In 2018 53% of the labor market will be YZ Generations
  • 3 years later that number will grow to 76%
  • The YZ Generations change companies in 16-24 months
  • New software will be replaced or embellished in 2 years

The question now becomes, “How will we develop and retain a team to execute the 5-Year Plan?”

YZ Generations can help you achieve that VITAL goal.  It is what we do.

We Are Here For YOU When You Need Us
Please Contact John Montella with all questions regarding YZ Generations products and services at 913.215.0805.

Andrew Gateriewictz

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Andrew Gateriewictz has been a guest lecturer at The Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania and Columbia University because of his unique ability to use the visual communication process to increase the productivity of employees in the corporate world.

In 1986 he began research study in the field of Neuro-Linguistics. On September 19, 1993, The Philadelphia Inquirer recognized his work as an authority in understanding and the use of body language throughout the selling process. His work in this field is protected by U.S. Copyrights.

In 1993 Mr. Gateriewictz created a consulting company, Strategees and Associates, Inc., which included sales, marketing and visual communication programs. These programs have been used by employees of companies such as Andersen Windows, The Home Depot, PNC Bank, Bank Five, IBM, Lucent Technologies, Radio Disney and Avaya Telecommunications.

Becoming aware of the exorbitant amount of time employees spend trying to keep up with their corporate responsibilities, Mr. Gateriewictz wrote the book The Unfinished Work Week: Lost Personal Time to improve efficiency and productivity in the work place. The information forming the basis for this book is protected by U.S. Copyright Numbers TX 7-244-061 and TX7-220-520 assigned to Andrew Gateriewictz.

His experience speaking before large corporate groups (100+ attendees) include: The Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania (audience composed of the largest one hundred (100) privately held companies in the Philadelphia area); Avaya Business Partners in thirty (30) U.S. cities; the Business Club of America Conference; as President of a national association presided over four (4) Board of Director Meetings (100+ members) and the Evening of Excellence (500+ attendees); as spokesperson for HomeStore.com, made over three hundred (300) presentations to chapters of The National Association of Home Builders, The National Association of the Remodeling Industry.

John Montella

Mr Montella has extensive knowledge in business and business strategies. He has worked with many companies from start up ventures to major organizations to build and enhance an effective approach to team building and coaching within the organization to ensure a more cohesive work environment for employees and management thus increasing profitability and reducing turnover.

Mr Montella has worked with numerous companies on training strategies and implementation throughout his career.

Mr Montella brings a wealth of knowledge in many varied types of business models including sales, manufacturing, product development and marketing. Please Contact John with all questions regarding YZ Generations products and services at 913.215.0805.

Kery Spinabella

Kery Spinabella moved to Springfield, Missouri where he studied Psychology and Criminal Justice at Missouri State University and proceeded to work in a highly competitive driven sales environment within the luxury automobile industry.  Driven to make the customer experience more fulfilling, Kery set out to find his passion of helping others realize the interpersonal skills required to serve others is truly an art that must be taught and reinforced continually.

By analyzing daily human interaction over the past 20 years, Mr. Spinabella has been able to use his education to focus on what factors create a more desirable client/consultant/supervisor interaction.  In order to fully understand, He has dissected the intricate components of everyday interactions such as persuasion, rapport building, conviction, negotiation, and genuine sincerity to name a few.  Mr. Spinabella has learned that you must communicate differently with the technology savvy YZ Generation employee to hone and optimize their abilities to benefit your organization.

His experience working with companies such as Lexus and BMW, has given him insight into the importance of becoming a master of all forms of interpersonal communication.  He has recognized that by helping the younger generations identify key verbal and nonverbal cues will empower that individual to interact accordingly in every situation.  The need to convey the information required to the YZ Generation employees has become an issue and Mr. Spinabella has seen the difficulties associated with developing effective communication channels within the corporate environment to help businesses communicate with this technology driven employee.

In his experience, training the YZ Generation must be done tactfully and with appreciation for the skills they can offer to an organization.  They work hard and know that they will have to work their way up the change of command in order to gain the success they desire.  With years of review and reflection, he has found many employers feel that this generation is a generation of entitlement but rather they are trying to find their way and communicate much differently than previous generations which is where YZ Generations is here to provide the necessary support.

Emily Rogers

Ms. Rogers is excited about being part of YZ Generations team. She is an organization development professional committed to providing businesses and their employees with creative and effective ways of improving workplace relationships.

Emily is known for her distinct manner of conducting workplace assessments. Her professional skills and strengths include employee development and engagement, managing cross-functional and internal work teams, data collection and analysis, survey design and designing and implementing organizational assessments.

Ms. Rogers achieved a certification in organization development from Linkage International and she is also an Everything DiSC Certified Trainer and Authorized Partner.  She received a master’s degree in Public Policy and International Development from Rutgers University-Camden and a bachelor’s degree in Political Science from Bennett College.

When she is not consulting, Emily can be found attending professional development conferences or building her professional network. She is also involved in several professional, community groups and serves on several local non-profit organization boards.

Spencer Maschek

Spencer was introduced to computers and their potential in 1982. His first IT job was in 1990 in South America for a religious organization. By 1997 he was developing in house internet based tools while working for a major Telecom company. Since then he has traveled to many locations and worked at nearly every aspect of IT. He has worked to build his broad knowledge base so that as an IT Director and CIO/CTO he can guide companies in the right direction and work with up and coming stars in the IT field. This has made him the ideal candidate for guiding communication between management and employees in IT. He believes firmly that business is built on two things: People and Information.

His in-depth understanding of standards and methods has helped numerous businesses expand their client/customer base and improve their internet presence. His ability to share information and push people to constantly be learning has contributed to his success.

While earning his degrees in Web Development and IT Security he was afforded the opportunity to mentor and tutor his fellow students. The success of these students is measured in that all of them are working in their fields, some of whom are leading their own companies. Many of these students were in fields other than IT, including: Law Enforcement, Medical, Education, and  Business and Marketing.

Spencer has been contracted with several companies over the years specifically to help their IT Departments with soft skills so that there is a better interaction between the various groups. Customer service is a top priority when it comes to soft skills. It is one of the most difficult skills for people in Information Technology to develop.

Over the years, Spencer has been a Trainer, an Analyst, a Mentor, a Director, a Manager, etc. He stresses that his success in these areas is due to his own Mentors and Managers. Their direct influence has left their mark. Spencer has seen where he has left his mark as well on others. This is why he joined YZ Generations, a solid belief that mentoring makes better managers, employees, and companies. This in turn makes for better lives. This is his purpose, to help people have better lives.

In addition to his work with YZ Generations, Spencer is in the process of writing his first IT book. It is a book on Ethics aimed specifically at the IT field and those who manage IT Depts.

We Are Here For YOU When You Need Us

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