Unlike most educational companies, we do not use outdated, canned material. Every project is custom built using the latest knowledge and resources to create a program’s content.
Great care is taken to insure the investment in your people will make for a more dynamic work environment. The result is a positive effect on the employees, culture, customers and the bottom line.
After the initial course, our consultants devise a retention plan to insure the training is put into practice by your staff and create lasting, positive change.
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There are approximately 173
million Google results for the topic
“communication differences
between generations.”
This reflects a loss of $11,000
person. 100 employees drains over
a million dollars. 500 workers
equals a minimum loss of a
$5.5 million.
Corporations having a hard time
maintaining teams with effective
communication skills to execute the
5-year strategic plan?
Younger companies like Google,
Amazon, Facebook , do not face the
problem of having an older
management staff trying to
understand effective
communication methods of the YZ
Generations. In fact in many
companies, the communication
differences between generations
has led to little interaction between
the different age groups.

“Obtaining new knowledge is only effective if retained and put into practice.”



“Effective Interaction
between Generations”

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Who is helping these companies
transition from older to the
younger business mentality?
YZ Generations.
A short look of the topics we cover:

  • The Perfect Business Storm
  • Understanding Generations
    • products of environments
  • Technology communication
  • New vs. traditional
    management styles
  • Communication – use
    personality analytics
  • Body Language – 66% of
    face-to-face interaction
  • YZ Generation interpersonal
    skill development
  • Company qualities to retain
    YZ Generations
  • Four (4) C’s for effective communication
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